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Customised 3D surveys of archaeological sites


Archaeological surveys are a key part of a site’s scientific record, whether for preparing an excavation site, preventive archaeology, conservation or an operation to promote the site. Our technological expertise and know-how in heritage mean we can produce incredibly precise digital twins and provide completely trustworthy deliverables tailored to the scientific community and the site’s archaeological surveys.

Photogrammetry & airborne LiDAR

Aerial surveys (using drones or helicopters) allow us to take in a site as a whole and obtain precise large-scale representations. Our surveyors choose the most suitable methods based on the site’s area and the types of renderings the sponsor seeks. We recommend using LiDAR for large sites as the technology can detect archaeological traces even through canopies and produce two—or three-dimensional models of the entire site.

3D scanning for cave art

Digital twins of cave art sites and prehistoric caves are essential to guarantee a digital archive of sites and monuments and prevent their degradation, given that they are open to the public and welcome many visitors. Our scientific documents are a real plus for enhancing sites and producing virtual tours. But, above all, they are a valuable resource for studies and diagnosis. We produce our scientific documents using combined acquisition methods on regular sites and under extreme conditions.

3D scanning for vulnerable sites

In general, vulnerable sites and those at risk are scanned as part of emergency heritage safeguarding missions. Every year, many symbolic sites with a history stretching back over the millennia are threatened by complex geopolitical circumstances or increasingly frequent climate hazards. Against this backdrop, our teams pay special attention to international heritage, building a digital archive –heritage records – using the best scanning technologies on the market.

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