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3D films & 360° panoramas

Retrace the history of your site with a spellbinding, immersive storyline

Here at AGP, our expertise in historical reconstruction and 3D animations means we can produce films for any medium and use: screens, VR and immersive applications. These films can recount how sites have evolved over time and reconstruct a monument’s lost decors. It is a powerful way of bringing places from the past and their history back to life with captivating scenarios and characters.

We tailor our 3D reconstruction films to your needs. They are excellent tools for enhancing heritage and can be adapted to all types of projects, whether for use online or on-site. From white models to the final realistic look, graphics to motion design, voice-overs to original soundtracks, we can personalise every detail. With this in mind, we are committed to adapting to your budget and cultural site and creating innovative, spectacular content.

Share how monuments have evolved over time with immersions that get visitors thinking


Our 3D films and reconstructions for historical and scientific documentaries are a unique learning experience. Whether you want to tell the story of an ancient civilisation from archaeological remains, rebuild a medieval castle or re-enact a historical battle, our productions are designed to be both captivating and educational, allowing spectators to literally dive into the past. What sets us apart in our approach is our commitment to authenticity and historical accuracy. We are meticulous in our research for each and every project, working alongside expert historians and archaeologists. By doing so, we can guarantee a faithful and accurate representation of events and places.

Loge des batisseurs film
Film 3D Théâtre antique d'Orange
Film 3D Orsay

An extensive range of products suited to each story



Point cloud films and photogrammetric models

Immersive virtual tours of historic sites produced using 3D scanning, offering unique perspectives suited to various audiovisual works.


Historical reconstruction videos

Complete scenarios or 3D reconstructions designed to be integrated into documentary films that retrace the history of historical monuments with complementary educational content.


360° VR films for immersive headsets

Scenarios designed for virtual reality, usually in a short, but highly immersive format. VR films can be shown in rooms with several visitors at a time – up to 50 people!


360° films for immersive auditoriums and dome theatres

Large-scale productions, spectacular content for dome theatres, immersive cinemas and sound and light experience rooms.


3D short films

We can create a variety of short films from animated postcards to immersion in historical environments. All this is possible thanks to our 3D survey, 3D reconstruction and motion design techniques.

Film 3D Maquette blanche
Film 3D Gaillon_maquette_blanche
Film 3D_PalaisBerbieALbi
Film 3D_PontAslfed
Cloitre Saint Trophime_Film 3D

From 3D modelling to historical reconstruction

Our graphic designers use contemporary surveys, iconographic documents, descriptive documents, or historical studies to reconstruct sites or areas in 3D and rebuild lost architectures virtually. We can do this for existing buildings, those that used to exist, those that were designed but never built, or imaginary buildings. In the case of reconstructions of lost buildings, our 3D renderings help visitors understand the physical and historical dimensions of the heritage asset and contribute to enhancing the site or remains.

As a result of the architectural knowledge and the quality of the work produced by AGP’s graphic designers, together with the quality of our measurements and surveys, we can obtain excellent 3D models that make it easier to understand the subject matter.

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