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Touch terminal applications

Table tactile du musée de Cluny à Paris

Enhance site and local tours with on-site cultural mediation

AGP has been offering bespoke interactive tour guides for monuments, historical sites, archaeological parks and museums for over 20 years. Touch terminal applications address many aims, such as providing educational input during exhibitions or giving extra information about a monument, a work of art, or a museum collection, making them invaluable for on-site cultural mediation. Better yet, you can easily integrate them into tourist, cultural and heritage itineraries.

Give your heritage asset real appeal


Touch terminals are the most suitable medium for shared use by groups, whether for short cultural mediation experiences during museum tours or visits. They are without a doubt hassle-free for reception staff as they are sturdy and durable, meaning no need for management. What’s more, this type of application is particularly suited to promoting local attractions in tourist offices. They also enable “silent” historical and iconographic exploration in places of worship.

With touch terminals, visitors can manipulate the exhibits before them, thereby changing their relation to the work. These devices become part and parcel of the digital experience of pieces of art, models or raised-relief maps with in-depth analyses of the smallest of details, 3D animations and, above all, context.

Rotonde des Valois

Let tourists in on the lesser-known parts of your local heritage

Interactive applications for touch terminals offer a variety of themed itineraries, promoting the lesser-known tourist trails in your area and all their hidden treasures – cultural, historical or natural ones. Give your visitors brand-new smart experiences. Capitalise on the assets in your area.

With 3D historical reconstructions and educational input, these terminals provide a real opportunity to promote local heritage at a lower cost.

Brioude Sud Auvergne
Rochechouart château
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