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Augmented reality tours

Promote, reinvent add value to your cultural tours

As a pioneer in augmented reality since 2009, AGP designs augmented reality tour apps for use on mobile devices by all audiences during the entire tour. Bespoke solutions for monuments, museums, cities or areas that want to reinvent their museum tours or tourist trails or enhance them.

Augmented tours offer an educational experience free of age and mobility barriers thanks to simple ergonomics, scientifically rigorous 3D reconstructions and a wide array of content.

Unlock the potential of your heritage with a single visitor app


Our video guides are sorted by points of interest (POI) – it’s up to you to decide which points you want to offer to your audiences. Every bit of content is customised and tailored to you, from 3D imaging to in-depth videos, from interactive mock-ups of the site to games for your youngest visitors. Each application is suitable for multiple platforms and designed to adapt to a range of devices: smartphones, tablets, fixed touch terminals and even standalone VR headsets for use on-site, remotely or via the internet.

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Your companion for augmented reality tours



Museums and cultural attractions

Add a wow factor to the visitor experience for your audiences. Bring your collections to life and boost the potential of your museography. Create customised itineraries for each type of audience and show off the history behind works in their original settings.


Cities and regions

Promote your local heritage using digital tools to give it an appeal factor. Explain how the urban fabric has changed, reveal how natural spaces have been transformed, and boost the visibility of lesser-known points of interest in your city with location-based itineraries and special interest itineraries.


Historical monuments and archaeological sites

Breathing life back into the remains of an ancient site whose buildings or decors have disappeared is quite the challenge. But there’s nothing like a 360° historical reconstruction to engage with your visitors and get them travelling through time.  


Industrial heritage and remembrance sites

Help your audiences better understand lessons to share the history of sites that have become fragile over time. Create tailor-made itineraries for everyone, complete with diverse, multilingual and multimedia content.

3D historical reconstructions to the highest of scientific standards

Using 3D scans of vestiges and the documentary resources available, our graphic designers and historians produce 3D reconstructions of sites as they were, whatever the stages of archaeological, architectural and historical evolution. Our 3D reproductions meet high standards in terms of quality and scientific rigour as we design our 3D models in close collaboration with history experts or specially convened scientific committees. Our precise measurements enable high-precise image overlays and an immediate understanding of how sites have evolved over time.

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