ARTE documentary "The labyrinth of the Archangel"

Le Projet

Broadcasted on the TV channel ARTE on December 23, 2017, the fascinating documentary film produced by Gédéon Programmes, benefitted from AGP’s 3D restitutions to retrace the captivating history of the Mont-Saint-Michel.
The scatter plot sequences and 3D animations around the architectural evolution of the monument are the result of a 3D campaign conducted on the site by the AGP teams from 2015 to today. The complex work of historical reconstruction of the phases, conducted in collaboration with the archaeologist and art historian Florence Margo-Schwoebel, allowed to lift the veil on the architectural mysteries of this unique masterpiece.

Documentary "The labyrinth of the Archangel".
ARTE production, Gédéon Programmes, Inrap, CNRS and CMN - Centre des monuments nationaux.

Spécifications Techniques

Client : Gédéon Programmes
Year : 2017
Tags : 3D scanning, 3D reconstruction, 3D film