The 3D scan come to the rescue of Notre-Dame

The project

AGP’s team produced a few years ago a 3D reconstruction of Notre-Dame at different ages, based on a 3D digitalisation campaign of the cathedral. We also collaborated with American Professor Andrew Tallon (a major expert of Notre-Dame Cathedral’s history) in the context of historical researches.
The digitalisation campaign was conducted in the past 20 years in the framework of the restauration activities, in connection with the administration of the cathedral, its technical departement and the architect in charge of the monument.
AGP acted several times to digitize certain parts of the cathedral. After the dramatic fire, our team is worked for extracting data from our archives for analysing all the scans we made in the past to help authorities as much is possible.
On saturday 20th April 2019, by order of the Chief Architects of Historical Monuments, the DRAC, the regional Conservatory of the hisotrical monuments, and the Prefect of the region, the AGP team in collaboration with FARO, conducted an emergency operation to save Notre-Dame: produce precise 3D surveys of the post-fire building in one day in order to establish a diagnosis of the damages.

Technical specifications

Command: DRAC Île-de-France, Architectes en chef des monuments historiques
Year: 2010-2016
Tags : 3D Scanning, 3D Reconstruction, Architectural survey