3D Javols - Augmented reality application

Le Projet

The Occitanie region has chosen Art Graphique & Patrimoine to set up a mediation system for the Javols - Anderitum archaeological site, the Gallo-Roman capital of the Gabali people, a Gallic tribe.

AGP has designed a virtual reality 3D application in addition to the existing archeological hiking trail. The Samsung Gear VR experience allows an immersion in time and space, in the heart of the city of the 2nd century AD. This device is designed to be upgreadable, enhanced and enriched over the course of possible innovations.

Tested in preview at the European Heritage Days, the launch of the device will happen in spring 2018.

Spécifications Techniques

Sponsors : Conseil Régional Occitanie
Year : 2017
Tags : 3D reconstruction, immersive systems and VR